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The Specialty Cut

Looking for a look that’s brand new or a little edgy? At the Gentleman’s Barbershop that’s one of our specialties. We offer the Specialty Cut, which consists of a haircut of straight blade or shaver work, line up and style. We’ll promise you’ll love your new haircut and brand new look.

The Clean Cut

If you’re looking to get your usual haircut we can make that happen. Come drop by our barbershop and our skilled barbers will provide you with a regular haircut and style.

Buzzing With Excitement

The Buzz Cut is a classic, timeless look. If that’s the look you’re hoping to rock, our barbers will make sure it’s done to precision and you’re looking fresh as you walk out our doors. Utilizing our top-of-the-line clippers, our barbers will make short work of all that unwanted hair.

The Young Man

It’s not just the men who we’re looking after. It’s the boys as well. For boys aged 0-10 we do a regular haircut and style to your child’s liking, so that he can show off his new look to his friends at school the next day. Whether it’s his first haircut or it’s been a long time coming, our friendly barbers will ensure your boy is taken care of and wanting to come back.

The Senior Special

We cater to all ages, including those 65 plus. Age doesn’t define style, so if you’re looking for the same old, same old, or something brand new, our barbers are here to make that happen. Come down to our shop and take advantage of our 65+ haircut and style prices.


The Beard Clean Up

If your beard is looking a bit straggly and in need of a tune up, our friendly and skilled barbers will ensure your beard is looking fresh after we’re done with it. Our barbers will trim and shape your beard to the desired length using our clippers and trimmers. Come see us at one of our locations to get that beard of yours looking just right.

Straight Razor Shave

Using our pre-shave oil with hot towels and luxurious shaving cream, our barbers will make sure you receive the Gentleman’s treatment for the clean shaven look. Followed by a cool towel and cooling aftershave, you’ll feel like a brand new man afterwards.

The Shape and Shave

Are you in the pursuit of the perfect looking beard? That goal may seem unattainable, but our barbers are up to the task. The Shape and Shave is a detailed and precision straight shave to fix or style the shape of the beard you’re looking for. Our barbers will provide pre-shave oil with a hot towel and soothing shaving cream as they craft your perfect beard. Once the job is complete they will provide you with a cooling aftershave to ensure you’re feeling extra satisfied with your new look.

The Head Shave

Have you passed the point of no return or you’re looking to just get rid of it all? With our head shave we take care of that. At the Gentleman’s Barbershop, our relaxing and rich Head Shave will be well worth your time. We start with our pre-shave oil with hot towels and shaving cream, followed by a cooling aftershave to ensure you leave our shop happy and confident.